Super Bowl 2015: can anyone come close to Wieden+Kennedy’s ‘Imported From Detroit’ epic?

It’s the Super Bowl on February 1 and broadcaster NBC is asking $4.4m for a 30-second spot it seems. Well it’s the highest-rating broadcast in the US, with the best part of 100m people watching some of it (it goes on for hours) so maybe that’s fair enough.

My friend George Parker is pimping (to use a Parker-ism) a site called Super Bowl Commercials 2015 that has all the stuff you would ever want to know on the Bowl, including, interestingly, the most expensive commercials. If you access this via George’s site Adscam here, then George’s coffers will be topped to overflowing.

The most expensive to date is Wieden+Kennedy’s 2011 ‘Imported From Detroit,’ Chrysler epic featuring Eminem, coming in at $12.4m (I assume this doesn’t include airtime and the ad is two minutes long).

Was it worth it? Let’s take another look.

Movies cost a lot more than this, don’t they? Worth every cent.

So the bar (not the money necessarily) is set pretty high. Will anyone come close this year?

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