Grim examples from adland’s murky past

We worry sometimes at MAA that we don’t write enough about diversity – at one time we thought it was a new holding company – so it’s pleasing to refer you to our friend George Parker’s take on sexist ads in Adscam.

George helpfully provides a number of examples from neanderthal adland, which may show that things have moved on – a bit.

Here’s another beauty.

Presume they were all by males – but you never know.

One Comment

  1. What a nice surprise…And the day before my birthday… I shall be 150 tomorrow. But I aint going anywhere yet, ‘cos I’ve still got the picture in the attic. Anyway, proving that the ad biz is still well and truly fucked… Take another look at “Perf with Surf.” The creatives responsible (I’ll bet they were all geezers) should be ashamed of themselves.
    Cheers/George “AdScam” Parker

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