George Parker: everything is screwed… yes, everything.

Here in the US, with the overthrowing of Roe V Wade by the Fascist Supreme Court, many agencies and holding companies are instituting programs for employees living in MAGA “Moran” states to provide financial help and paid leave to travel out-of-state and get their abortion rights taken care of.

However, I was particular impressed by the news that agency High Wide & Handsome, in California is doing this… “Starting today, regardless of whether or not they take part in our company-sponsored health insurance program, High Wide & Handsome will cover all travel costs and up to $5,000 of uncovered medical expenses for employees, partners of employees, and dependents of employees who require reproductive care but live in a state where access to abortion is restricted or banned. To make our voice even louder and our impact even greater, we will also extend this benefit to all siblings of our employees, as well as the children of those siblings.

“Lastly, at least for now, High Wide & Handsome is pledging $10,000 in annual donations to, the National Network of Abortion Funds working to remove financial and logistical barriers to abortion access. In summary, we will not allow theocrats to dictate the most personal choices made by our employees or the people they love.”

Wow… They do not fuck around, do they? OK, full disclosure, the agency was founded years ago by my old mate, John Truscott (left), who I worked with in England at Dorlands back in the seventies. He taught me to play “Real Tennis.” That’s the one with crooked rackets, sagging nets and a bell you had to hit with the ball. Totally weird. Apparently, it was originally played by Henry the V111 when he wasn’t shagging his queens or having them beheaded.

I used to lend John my flat in Fulham when he needed somewhere private for an “Affaire de Amore.” Am I a fucking prince, or what?

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