ASA clears NCA’s controversial ‘Long Goodbye’ ads for Alzheimer’s Society

Despite 235 complaints, the Advertising Standards Authority has cleared New Commercial Arts’ “Long goodbye” campaign for Alzheimer’s Society, which some people considered “excessively distressing, offensive and irresponsible.”

The Alzheimer’s Society defended the work by saying that the history of their cause has shown that it does not help people with dementia to shy away from the tough reality and living loss associated with the disease. Instead of lonely old age, the work emphasises the love and support shown to sufferers by family and friends.

Focus groups, experts and personal experience all came into play when creating the campaign, which the Daily Mail called “absolutely horrible”, although – despite a media pile-on – online comments were 80% positive.

The ASA ruled that the ads had a “significant emotional impact” and conveyed a clear, understandable message. Sounds like a ringing endorsement for any campaign and a worthy MAA Ad of the Week.

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