MAA Ad of the Week: Alzheimer’s Society ‘The Long Goodbye’ from New Commercial Arts

What do you do when you’re advertising for the Alzheimer’s Society? Somehow sweeten the pill even though, unlike nearly every other, disease, there isn’t much sign of a breakthrough against it even though there are glimmers of light as well as the clear need for more early diagnosis (for those brave enough to find out.)

With a population relentlessly growing older the damned thing is on an upswing even though the potential rewards for any company that does find a treatment are vast.

Or simply tell it like it is. As New Commercial Arts has been doing and does again here. Narrated by Colin Firth, creatives Jules Middleton & Peigh Asante, directed by Charlotte Regan.

Alzheimer’s CEO Kate Lee says: “This campaign seeks to tell the unvarnished truth about the devastation caused by dementia, and it is very much informed by people affected by the condition.

“The loved ones of people with dementia often describe it as a ‘living grief’ as, bit by bit, the disease’s relentless progression causes part of the person to die..again and again and again.

“But there is hope. Alzheimer’s Society is there again, and again, and again at every part of the struggle, as they face the grim reality of the long goodbye.”

Director Regan says: “The Long Goodbye spoke to the grief that I think so many of us have experienced. The pain of seeing someone you know and love lose aspects of themselves. It’s a stage of grief no one talks about. Your person is still there but you’re grieving and you’re drowning. The script captured that incredibly. The work Alzheimer’s Society does is essential. The impact dementia has on not only the person with the disease but the community around them is not spoken about enough. Hopefully this film opens up those conversations.”

Clearly a labour of love from all concerned.

Adland at its best too.

MAA creative scale: 9. A worthy MAA Ad of the Week.

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  1. The Alzheimers Society advert ‘The Long Goodbye’ is abhorrent. MAA should not be posting this online and definitely not be calling it ad of the week. I have made a formal complaint to the parties concerned but I wish that MAA would remove this from public view.

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