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Sanofi goes the extra mile for new sonic identity

We all know that sound is important in ads and now there’s more focus than ever on so-called “sonic identities,” valuable properties in the piratical digital world.

Since covid healthcare companies have taken centre stage too. They were always important of course but now the likes of vaccine makers Pfizer and AstraZeneca have become global superstars. France’s Sanofi, which produced a vaccine with GSK, is another such and it has a new sonic identity – ‘Miracle Dots’ – produced by Sixieme Son and inspired by Chopin’s Études.

Intended to embody “the delicate balance between research and inventiveness, a tightrope walks between simplicity and complexity. Human-centered, the music eventually conveys the indispensable humility required when dealing with the intricacies of science.”

Here goes then:

Sanofi’s Josep Catllà says: “We united our company under one brand, identity, and purpose last year, which marked a new milestone in Sanofi’s transformation journey. Sonic identity is another dimension of our corporate brand ecosystem. We wanted our own unique sound to reflect who we are – a modern company with rich history and great people, a company which always seeks to find new innovative solutions.”

Sounds nice anyway. MAA creative scale: 7.

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