Hang gliding goat takes Virgin Media to new heights for VCCP

Mix a classic 80s ballad, a lovable farm animal and a potentially dangerous means of transport and you have VCCP’s formula for success with Virgin Media. First we had a motorcycling Highland cow, and now it’s a hang-gliding goat who is here to inspire confidence in Virgin Media’s broadband coverage.

As St Elmo’s Fire by John Parr kicks in, the goat soars off the side of a cliff and into the skies. The message is “why stumble when you can soar?” and the symbolism is hard to miss.

Simon Valcarcel, marketing director at Virgin Media O2 said, “Our latest campaign highlights our ambitions to provide our customers with the very best connectivity to help them reach new heights. We want our customers to truly feel like they can do anything in life – like our hang-gliding goat.”

David Masterman, deputy ECD at VCCP London added, “Picking up from where our Highland Cow left off, we wanted to dramatise the unstoppable power of Virgin Media’s broadband with the story of a goat who leaves his stumbling herd behind to take to the skies in a hang glider.”

As long as Virgin Media can deliver on the ground, so to speak (and it has many frustrated customers) the campaign is a winner. Although Wieden + Kennedy’s “Dancing Pony”, set to Fleetwood Mac and made for Three Mobile, remains the pinnacle of the genre.

MAA creative scale: 6.5


  1. What? If the flying goat were to save the others it would be a great advert – as it is it celebrates self service at the expense of others and reflects as a company ethos of grab and make money and stuff everyone else ie especially the planet so the young people of the future unless they are inheritors of wealth like the branson offspring or those of family friends like kate windslets sproggs – as ever, throughout history the rich and their cohorts safe and celebrated while everyone else represented by the goats on the cliff face – here presented as not daring enough in self-serving- victim- blaming typical fashion – are fucked – hugely revealing ref company psych and in terms of world reality = massively depressing

  2. Is this Bransons goatee, his is will always be good ,
    Amazing and backed what he served ,the service now needs new shape ,you have lost the shape, now you get on my goat, who do I change to ,

  3. There is definitely a resemblance between Branson and the goat, both in appearance (especially the jawline) and in mannerism. If it is deliberate, then I think it’s brilliant but very subtle.

  4. No Annie crook I worry about the goats on the cliff as well,plus the ones flying around

  5. IT’S NOT A GOAT!!!!!

    Check out the difference between goats and sheep. Only the males have horns. Sheep’s horns are always curved, goat’s are straight. Sheep’s tails are floppy and point down, goat’s point upwards.

    Don’t believe me? Google it!

  6. What is going on this world of ours,I understand the advert ,and yes the main goat that is flying looks like Richard Branson.All fair play to the people who thought this advert up.
    But for the love of God I can’t watch the advert on the rock side were there are goats.Will be glad when they. advert is finished.
    We’re any goats hurt in this filming,that’s what we should be asking ourselves, call our self’s animal lovers.

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