It’s those wonderful folk at Virgin Media again – this time taking to the Highlands

Virgin Media is now ensconced at VCCP. What hasn’t changed is that it’s still banging on about being super-fast, in ‘Why walk when you can ride,” claiming “the fastest wi-fi guarantee of any major provider.”

Is there a weasel or two in this? “Major provider?” Recently I had to to get a BT router to make the bloody TV work, after two visits from despairing VM engineers. How do they get away with?

Anyway, VCCP delivers a representative of Highland cattle (what’s a male Highland called?) on a motor bike. Speeding away as only Virgin Media can (sic.)

Well you can’t say VCCP isn’t trying. This may even appeal to people yet to experience the full horror of Virgin Media.


MAA creative scale: 5.

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