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Need a lift? CER driving schools can offer you one in brilliant wheeze from BETC Paris

Brands waffle away about helping people but how many actually go the extra mile to do so? CER driving schools in France does, by offering passengers in need of a lift just that, using up the empty seats as instructors take their pupils out for as spin.

Another clever (and useful) idea from BETC Paris.

CER has now rolled it out to 450 driving schools located in 17 major French cities with an average of 400 “lost rides” now provided each week to people in need or with mobility issues.

A bill has even been introduced to the French Senate aiming to challenge the current regulatory environment and create a legal framework, especially around insurance (you can bet the insurance companies will be anything but helpful.)

A brilliant idea though and communicated with BETC’s customary elan.

MAA creative scale: 9.

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