The&Partnership unleashes heavy emotion for RNIB sight loss campaign

Can you have too much emotion, even in the service of an extremely good cause?

The&Partnership flirts with it in this new cinema film for The Royal National Institute of Blind People showing schoolgirl Ava trying to come to terms with sight loss (and ultimately finding help from the RNIB.)

Thom Yorke’s solo version of Radiohead’s Videotape doesn’t pull any punches.

RNIB’s CEO Matt Stringer says: “We know the public is willing to engage and change behaviours, if provided with the education and the tools to do the job.

“To change people’s behaviours, we need to do three key things: increase people’s capability to change – give them the tools; increase people’s opportunity to change – give them the time; and increase people’s motivation to change – give them the will.”

Quite so Matt – but why do we need more than one behaviour?

Anyway, T&P gets away with it, quite a triumph actually.

MAA creative scale: 8.

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