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Will consumers say ‘Yeah’ or ‘Nahh’ to new Dolmio?

Mars’ Dolmio has been working on its new brand platform with agency The&Partnership since 2021 it seems and the underpinning insight is that people like mucking around with pasta sauces, adding paprika for example.

(Some) Italians don’t including. seemingly, a purist who’s made his name on TikTok.

Let T&P creative directors Nick Moss & Dan Northcote-Smith explain:

“Everyone has seen the Italian guy losing his mind on Tiktok about how Brits cook Italian food. Well, “Dolmio-Yeah” is the new platform encouraging us Brits to do it even more. Sorry Italian TikTok guy. The question was, how do you turn this insight into a long-term creative platform? Meet our little pasta mates, Yeah and Nahh.”

Mars global brand and content manager Chantal Barcelona says: “Our new Dolmioooo-Yeahhhh! brand platform really captures the essence of our broader Dolmio® brand refresh: joyful, distinctive, and full of big-hearted oomph. We’ve heard from consumers time and again that Dolmio is a trusted and loved brand in their households, so our goal was to harness these positive emotions and use them to build renewed brand relevance and preference.

“We’re excited about the new work created with The&Partnership and can’t wait to see its response now we’ve gone live.”

One question: does brand name followed by ‘Yeah’ play well in research? has been saying it for years. And they say the art of copywriting is dead….

MAA creative scale: 2.

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