Nat West fires starting gun on Olympics build-up

“Tomorrow begins today” is one of those sayings that means something (well it sort of does) and nothing, which is why they appeal to advertisers.

Combine this with sponsorship of Team GB in an Olympics year and you get a nice warm feeling washing over big bank Nat West (often a stranger to such warmth), fuelled by patriotism and (clearly here) inclusivity.

That, at least, seems to be the plan in this new campaign from The&Partnership – ‘Whatever your goals, let’s get going.’

Nat West CMO Margaret Jobling says: “Our partnership with Team GB is hugely exciting for us as a business, it is relatable and inspiring for all our customers, colleagues and communities across the UK and I’m incredibly proud to be bringing it to life with the launch of our activation campaign.

“Team GB is full of such incredible talent and inspiring stories – with around 350 athletes across 37 disciplines hoping to travel to Paris in pursuit of their ultimate goal – they are the perfect partner to help us spread the message that whatever your goal, taking action is the important first step.”

This is why companies sponsor sport and it’s good to see Nat West putting its ill-gotten gains (sorry profits) into athletics, the poor relations in the UK these days where we can’t even organise a functioning stadium.

Whether you buy all this or not, it’s pretty deftly handled by T&P.

MAA creative scale: 6.5.

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