Ineos enters the consumer market with big budget handwash launch from The&Partnership

Ineos is an interesting company (although it doesn’t sound like it), massive in chemicals and now under boss-in-a-hurry Jim Ratcliffe about to bring out a rival to Land Rover’s Defender. It’s also the proud owner of the former Sky cycling team. Ratcliffe was also linked with Chelsea FC and is said to be interested in Manchester United.

Rather more on-brief in its new Ineos handwash, which debuted in the pandemic and is now getting a big launch from The&Partnership. Ineos’ first consumer product, I think.

In this instance showing all those things hands do – requiring cleaning of course.

Ineos Hygienics head of marketing and innovation Caroline Reynolds says: “At Ineos we believe in challenging perceptions and doing things differently. It makes sense then that the campaign to launch our new hand wash also subverts everything you might expect. Central to the idea is showing how much more there is to hand hygiene.

“This hands-on campaign isn’t just about being ‘tough on germs, it’s about making sure you’re safe in the knowledge that you’re protected so that you can get out there and do all the things that matter – with Ineos, you really can handle anything.

T&P CCO Micky Tudor says: “This campaign is an ode to human endeavour. All told through the power of our hands, so it was important for us to create the most handcrafted campaign ever. From oil painting to manga cartoon and letterpress printing every detail was meticulously handcrafted. The result is a powerful and emotive campaign that smashes all category norms.”

Guess that’s the thing about odes.

Efficient and to the point, as you’d expect. Some flair too though, which you don’t often get in this category.

MAA creative scale: 7.5.

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