Forrester report boosts WPP’s transformation ambitions

WPP’s efforts to be seen as the “creative transformation company” have received a boost from media consultancy Forrester with the UK-based ad holding business being named as a leader in global marketing services in Forrester’s latest Wave report.

On the ad industry itself Forrester says: “The integration of agency, technology, and consulting services brings together a converging landscape of holding companies, digital networks, and management consultancies. The result elevates the industry beyond advertising delivered by individual agency brands to marketing solutions delivered by teams of specialists. However, turning disparate, global capabilities into integrated solutions is much easier pitched than delivered. The best integrated marketing providers orchestrate their vast expertise in digital experience (DX), data, creative, and media with fluidity, not friction.”

On WPP Forrester says: “WPP pioneers end-to-end marketing solutions with global creativity and scale… They include scaled, data-driven creative capabilities; integrated digital experience development; media performance prowess; and strong identity management and robust measurement and analytics. Client references support the company’s ability to orchestrate marketing campaigns and technology across regions.”

WPP CEO Mark Read says: “We are very proud of the strides our business has made to realise our ambition to be the creative transformation company. To us, receiving independent acknowledgement as a leader in this evaluation for our strategy, current offering, and market presence reinforces our belief that we are delivering what our clients need – wherever they are in the world.”

WPP was the top scoring ad holding group at this year’s Cannes International Festival of Creativity. Its shares have recently been under pressure following OK Q2 2022 results, suggesting that investors still need to be persuaded that the ad holding companies can keep all these balls up in the air as they compete with the big consultancies like Accenture.

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