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MediaSense’s Media 2025 shows remaining obstacles to “business transformation”

Business “transformation” is pretty unavoidable these days – everyone’s at it – but new research from independent global media advisors MediaSense shows there’s still a way to go.

MediaSense’s Media 2025 survey shows that just 11% of global CMOs feel they’ve completed this particular journey (mostly involving more digital) with others blaming a number of factors including internal silos, incompatible technologies, inadequate data and critically, shortage of talent.

Media 2025 surveyed 100+ global marketers consisting of CMOs and directors in partnership with UK advertiser body ISBA. The report reveals 82% of brands planning or in the midst of transforming their internal media operating model with 76% planning or undergoing a transformation of their external agency model.

55% expect to bring more functions in house and talent, with 56% believing a skills shortage is holding the industry back. Talent is a growing concern, up from 27% in 2015.

Measurement and sustainability are other key concerns. 42% of respondents believe cross-media measurement will never be realised with 49% citing media self-interest as a key limiting factor. On sustainability attention will focus on measuring the environmental impact of media, with 46% of respondents prioritising this

MediaSense managing partner strategy Ryan Kangisser says: “The level of transformation occurring in the industry is a promising sign for the future of our industry, as brands and agencies seek to better equip their organisations to become more agile, integrated and consumer-centric.

“Covid has nevertheless had a profound impact through (for many) an unanticipated growth of ecommerce, which has exposed acute gaps across talent and measurement. Now is the time for greater cross-industry collaboration and leadership to find solutions which better support this constantly evolving and converging ecosystem.”

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