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Big three tech giants – Alphabet, Meta and Amazon – snaffle almost half global ad spend

Tech stocks may have taken a pounding as the world comes out of the pandemic but new figures from WARC show that Alphabet (Google), Meta (Facebook and Instagram) and, increasingly, Amazon, are tightening their hold on the global ad market.

The big three now account for almost half (46.1%) of all advertising spend, according to WARC’s analysis of company reports. This is up substantially from 2019 pre-pandemic levels where they snaffled around a third (33.8%) of all ad spend.

Alphabet tops the list, accounting for more than a quarter (27.2%) of ad spend, up from one-fifth in 2019. Meta has risen to 14.9% while Amazon has doubled its share to 4.0%.

The three companies have also managed to grow their share of online advertising, despite their dominant size. Altogether, Alphabet, Meta and Amazon accounted for 71.2% of all online ad spend in 2021, up from 67.8% in 2019.

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