Kimberly-Clark’s Huggies from Droga5 tops System1’s list of Super Bowl ad winners

System1, which purports to measure long term brand effectiveness (star rating) and short term sales success (spike rating) via emotional engagement, has produced its list of most effective Super Bowl ads.

Top is Kimberly-Clark’s Huggies from Droga5, the first time a diaper ad has appeared in the Super Bowl.

Top Ten

Huggies – We Got You, Baby – 5.4 star rating / 1.25 spike rating
M&M’s – Come Together – 4.8 star rating /1.67 spike rating
DoorDash – The Neighborhood – 4.7 star rating / 1.37 spike rating
Nintendo – Serena Williams – 4.6 star rating / 1.49 spike rating
Pizza Hut – $10 Tastemaker – 4.4 star rating / 1.55 spike rating – The Rising – 4.3 star rating /1.31 spike rating
Quicken Loans – Tracy Morgan Pretty Sure – 4.2 star rating /1.53 spike rating
T-Mobile – Anthony Vs Mama – 4.2 star rating /1.47 spike rating
Amazon – Coming 2 Amazon Official Trailer – 4.2 star rating /1.37 spike rating
Cheetos – It Wasn’t Me – 4.1 star rating /1.65 spike rating

System1 CMO Jon Evans says: “We’ve seen an interesting shift this year with advertisers looking to engage the audience but also playing it rather safe which was probably the right thing to do. It was a more conservative celebration, with no technical spectaculars or inspirational storytelling, but was still inclusive and positive and avoided the elephant in the room: Covid.

“What the ads lacked in big budgets and spectacle was made up for in sentiment and humour though. Huggies, the only 5-star ad of the night, remained true to its values whilst nodding at the hope and joy we can still experience during the darkest of times – new life.”

Correction: earlier versions of this story ascribed Huggies to P&G not Kimberly-Clark. Apologies – guess diapers ain’t our thing. Anyway well done K-C and Droga5.

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