Amazon is most valuable brand as online shopping takes over the Covid-19 world

Amazon is the world’s most valuable brand in these straightened times according to research firm Kantar, worth $415bn (up 32 per cent on last year.)

The top ten is Amazon; Apple ($352bn + 14%), Microsoft ($326bn + 30%), Google ($323 + 5%), Visa ($187bn + 5%), Alibaba ($152bn + 16%), Tencent ($151bn + 15%), Facebook ($147bn – 7%), McDonald’s ($129bn – 1%) and Mastercard ($108bn + 18%.)

One might quibble with the valuations themseves – Kantar says the value of its Top 100 brands has risen 5.9% this year to hit $5trillion – Covid-19 notwithstanding – but it’s pretty obvious that online retail and the means of paying for it (Visa and Mastercard) has taken over from pure tech. Even Apple is now majoring on its services business which includes payments.

Video sharing network TikTok was the highest new entrant at 79. Facebook would, presumably, have taken even more of a powder had the survey been carried out this week and last.

Branz chairman David Roth says: “The continued growth in value of the BrandZ Top 100 shows that strong brands are in a much better place than they were in the global economic crisis of 2008-9. We see a significant improvement in brand equity now compared to ten years ago because businesses understand the importance of investing in brand-building and are stronger and more resilient as a result.

“While the impact of COVID-19 has impacted every business regardless of size or geography, consistent investment in marketing can and will help carry you through a crisis.”

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