Y&R takes on big high street challenge Carpetright

Y&R London has won the Carpetright carpets and flooring business following a pitch.

Well good luck to them as Carpetright is on its uppers, like many a big high street, name faced with declining sales and new competition from Tapi, the rival started by “king of carpets” Sir Phil Harris who founded Carpetright back in the mists of history.

Y&R says the brief was issued against a backdrop of tougher than usual market conditions, including a desire to move away from concentrating largely on the type of discount-driven sales performance positioning which is favoured by most big-ticket retailers.

Carpetright marketing director Helen Vinken says: “We’ve been running our current advertising campaign since 2016 and while it’s been somewhat successful in shifting consumer perception it feels like now is the right time to take a step further. We wanted to appoint an agency that could work with us as a strategic partner on a creative refresh for all channels, not just in delivering advertising. Y&R had the right ideas, was the right agency fit and is unquestionably that partner.”

Carpetright, although it has well-situated stores in most prominent locations, will be a right old challenge for CEO Paul Lawson and his new team at Y&R. The agency grappled with online clothes and homeware retailer JD Williams for a couple of years before subsiding earlier this year.

The British high street is about price, price and more price as Amazon, which does without those pesky stores has realised.

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