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Tom Denford and David Indo from ID Comms: What should Media put in Room 101?

On this week’s #MediaSnack Tom and David create a media version of the popular British TV game show called Room 101.

Room 101 is a BBC comedy television series in which celebrities are invited to discuss their pet hates and persuade the host to consign those hates to oblivion in Room 101, a location whose name is inspired by the torture room in the novel 1984.

George Orwell himself named it after a meeting room in Broadcasting House (the BBC HQ), where he would sit through tedious meetings.

On the #MediaSnack version of Room 101, Tom and David compete to banish some of their greatest media industry annoyances into oblivion, in four categories:

1. Behaviours of marketers
2. Behaviours of agencies or vendors
3. Advertising format
4. Technology

The final verdict will be delivered by Nadia, who operates the #MediaSnack camera among many other important tasks at ID Comms. The winner will get to pick one thing to enter Room 101 for Media.

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