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8 eLearning myths you should ignore

In the last few years, eLearning has taken over the entire world and has cast a shadow on almost every industry. The flexibility, availability, and convenience that eLearning offers make it a worthwhile investment. It’s a cost-effective way to train ...

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Talon Outdoor shows programmatic OOH delivers better results than online channels

Atlas, Talon’s DSP, proves programmatic OOH delivers stronger payback on purchase intent compared to digital channels Traditionally, Out of Home (OOH) has been considered a valuable channel for driving metrics such as impact and awareness. But now Talon’s latest research ...

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Sports betting: what do tipsters pay attention to when predicting odds?

Advertising is a key method any industry uses to expand. By letting more people know about them through popular media channels, companies involved in a sector can reach a much wider audience. This has certainly been true when it comes ...

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How TV gambling ads are changing in the UK

There’s been a lot of talk about the number of gambling adverts on UK TV within the past few years. Many feel there are too many advertisements for casinos, betting, bingo, and poker throughout the day – particularly during sporting ...

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Talon’s Lucy Baumgartner: IPA EffWorks Global, COVID-19 and Out of Home

A recap of IPA Effworks Global 2021 from Talon newcomer Lucy Baumgartner With the promise of the best new thinking and evidence-based decision-making research for marketing effectiveness in the world, IPA EffWorks Global 2021 hit the ground running last Tuesday ...

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What does the future have in store for online casino marketing?

Phrases such as “the best slots on the planet”, “all about the customer” and “win it big” have become commonplace throughout the online casino community. There is indeed something to be said about such promotions when we consider the fact ...

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