Talon’s Barry Cupples: developing an international footprint

How important is it to have an international footprint at a time when a global campaign can be executed at the flick of a switch from one location? “We thought long and hard about this,” says Talon Outdoor global CEO ...

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Barry Cupples of Talon: accelerating Adtech at Talon and in Out of Home

“One of the biggest mistakes people make with technology – and adtech is included here,” says Talon Outdoor global CEO Barry Cupples, “is thinking it’s a way of doing things better with fewer people. Of course it can be a ...

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Talon: tools and systems built for OOH create ways to reach audiences at the end of the 3rd Party Cookie

By Georgie Rumble. 3rd Party Cookies have been pivotal for understanding audience behaviours and allowing for effective targeting across multiple online channels. In our recent piece ‘The Last Bite of the Cookie’ we discussed that, with the sun setting on ...

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