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TBWA’s Backslash unveils 2018’s “pre-trends”

Here’s what TBWA’s Backslash clever stuff operation thinks is going to happen in 2018 – and it’s all about A1 and social media (didn’t ‘ya know it). Being hyper-clever, it’s a “pre-trend” report.

So medication for ailments you haven’t got yet, virtual fashion for your social media selfies, influencers starting cults, “made by human” tags for the little that we do as the bots take over. Oh, and more block chain everything – whatever that may be.

But that’s the key to block chain, as with so much else these days. If we knew what it was we wouldn’t be so awed and interested.

So there you go. Pre-trend is pretty clever: you aren’t actually wrong if it hasn’t happened yet.

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