Goodby Silverstein launches augmented reality Instagram

Goodby Silverstein & Partners is one of the pillars of advertising excellence in the US; seemingly unmoved by the the latest fads.

But it moves with the times too. Now its GS&P Labs is unleashing a new “prototype” called Gramar on an unsuspecting world. Gramar allows it to fuse Instagram and augmented reality tool ARkit so Instagram users can place their favourite content where they please – street corners, sidewalks and even buildings.

GS&P Labs creative technologist Troy Lumpkin says: “Technologies like AR and VR are finally accelerating, and we spotted an awesome opportunity to hack this medium, bringing the social world into the real world.”

GS&P CCO Margaret Johnson says: “Having an in-house innovation department like GS&L LABS that experiments with technology is critical today. We are excited to unleash GRAMAR out into the world, along with a host of new experiments in the future.”

But what happens when you try to cross the road and bump into one?

A brave new world, no doubt.

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