Back Market makes UK ad debut with tangled tech monster

We’re all used to seemingly disposable tech but it’s interesting that some people anyway are turning away from it, with companies like Back Market offering to renew the stuff.

Was going to buy a recent-ish iPhone for someone the other day and then saw the price. Surely Apple can’t get away with it for ever?

French firm Back Market is trying to come to the rescue, with its first national UK campaign, a tangled up ‘Monster.’ From Nexus director Johnny Kelly.

Back Market UK head of brand and marketing Luke forshaw says: “We had to create an unconventional campaign to challenge the perception of refurbished technology here in the UK. The majority of Brits are opting for new devices, over refurbished ones. As such, we wanted the monster to reflect our purchasing power.

“When we choose new devices, we feed the ‘monster’ that is Big Tech. But, when we do more with what we have, and make sustainable decisions, we’re able to use our purchasing power to create a better future.”

MAA creative scale: 6.

PS And you still need different charges for different devices. Thought the EU was going to put a stop to this? A case of companies being more powerful than countries perhaps. Apple seems to own Ireland.

This is an amended version of an earlier story.

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