Stephen Joss of DDB and Tribal: best ads of 2016

Best ads of 2016


The latest Kenzo spot written and directed by Spike Jonze is my new go-to film when I hear things like “films over a minute are redundant” or “something big and surprising needs to happen in the first 10 seconds”. Besides all the brilliant production qualities of this beautiful film, it’s so fresh – and not just for the category. Expressing a single feeling in an interesting way is nothing new (Cadbury’s Gorilla for example) but every now and then the way that it’s done is re-written, and that’s what Kenzo and Mr Jonze have done here. Slow clap.

The Smart Jacket

Technology use in advertising is starting to mature in 2016. We’re seeing less of tech for tech’s sake, and more tech for brand’s sake. Vodafone is no stranger to technology, and so it makes perfect sense for them to demonstrate how their technology enriches their customers’ lives in ways they haven’t thought of. Vodafone cleverly chose to apply this with something relevant to the people of the Netherlands (cycling). The result is a solution that feels like it should have been around for years.

Meet Graham

Australian road safety commercials are notorious for instilling fear through gratuitous imagery in an attempt to ensure safe driving. “Meet Graham” is different. Straight from Clemenger BBDO Melbourne, it’s a symbiotic mix of science, creativity and humanity that present a completely new way to try and explain what so many drivers ignore – humans are just not designed for car accidents. It addresses a human truth that people believe they are invincible behind the wheel. What makes the campaign innovative is that it wasn’t a film or a stunt, but something completely polarizing that no matter where it appeared it would get attention.

Stephen Joss is creative director of DDB & Tribal Worldwide, Amsterdam

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