Mark Andrews of M8 Content: best ads of 2016

Best ads of 2016

Tate Gallery – Francis Bacon

I will start with a poster – Francis Bacon for the Tate Gallery.

This is an exceptional and outstanding use of English irony, presented in a ‘non-artsy’ way. It sums up perhaps the greatest British modern painter (with the possible exception of Graham Sutherland?). The great art critic David Sylvester couldn’t do much better and he had a 30-minute BBC documentary! Outstanding. By Grey London.

Pearl & Dean – Tumbleweed Trainer

Absolutely wonderful. Real film making and wit. It is right on the money for a number of reasons – authenticity, technically and its ‘look.’ Peerless in a world where everything seems to be beginning to look (and sound) like everything else. This simply doesn’t. Agency Brothers and Sisters and
directors Southern & Lovelace are to be feted for delivering this masterpiece.

Jack Daniels – Our Town

To the USA now and Arnold’s spot for Jack Daniels. This is at the top end of US advertising for me. It is sophisticated, sharply observed and absolutely in the spirit of the best that the US can produce. And their best is pretty good. A lesson to all of us in the UK that the very best of the US work is still way up there. @Radical Media director Steve Miller shows how simplicity of execution can still Trump (oops!) big budget work if the idea and the script is great. And this is.

Guinness – John Hammond

Blimey. This director can certainly direct! Flawless. A heritage piece but just about as modern and well done as you could wish for. I doff my cap to agency AMV BBDO and to Jake Nava and his production company Cherry. It’s interesting. This is the kind of work pioneered by Propaganda back in the day. It is so exciting to see that it is still possible to produce work of this exceptional quality and class. This is the sort of work that should be shown to clients who doubt the contribution that a great agency and production company can make to a brand’s profile and success. Small Dry Sherries all round!

Warburtons – Muppets

It’s SO last year. I don’t care. I just love it. The end scene is priceless.

Such fun and textbook branding! Wish I’d done it. Just off to get some crumpets.

Mark Andrews is a founder of M8 Content and sister ad agency Anatomised.

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  1. Inspired Selection Mark, great ads with great ideas.

    The John Hammond advert celebrates a hero in the jazz world and the Warburton advert shows what you can do when a client/owner is fully involved in an advert campaign.

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