Hey Human’s Shnoosee Bailey: best ads of 2016

Best ads of 2016

Nationwide – ‘Voices nationwide’ by VCCP

Finally a financial brand who has achieved ‘being human’ in a vast sea of wannabes.

Arresting and authentic with a genius line that forces you to stop and re-think.


We’re The Superhumans – Rio Paralympics by 4Creative

Tough gig to better the first ‘Superhumans’ spot, but wow and then some!

Moving beyond just athleticism, an epic joyful celebration of the human spirit.


Lockheed Martin – Field trip to Mars by McCann New York

A strikingly inventive but wonderfully simple idea that inspired a generation of kids – more interested in American Idol – to re-think science and technology.

Shnoosee Bailey is a managing partner and creative director of integrated agency Hey Human.


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  1. Hollie McNish with Nationwide has to be my favourite Ad of the year! Good choices Shnoosee!

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