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Code d’Azur’s Kim Nieuwenhuijs-Griffioen: best ads of 2016

Best ads of 2016

My favourite campaigns for 2016 are definitely these three. The campaigns stand out because they play into a strong insight of how people behave, shared values or how they interact with technology. They stand out by fitting into people’s daily lives.

I really like the Sound of Change concept. It’s so tangible, wanted and clever.

So often you cross a street musician who touches you with his music and most of the time you don’t have a penny on you. But now you can finally help these cheerful entertainers, because you do have your phone on you. That’s why this concept fits in so well. Also really nice how this concept connects offline street musicians with an online audience. A clever way to give them a chance in life and to earn a little more money.


I think everyone fell in love immediately with this social campaign for Pink Ribbon: Check It Before It’s Removed. A truly creative way to get the attention on social media and earn lots of free publicity. I respect the courage of this campaign and the great social engagement as a result.


I have a weakness for concepts with a social purpose. Though our campaign doesn’t save people’s lives, it does stimulate people to be more social while streaming. This Multi Mobile Adventure stands out because you simply cannot experience it by yourself – you need to gather your friends and connect all devices to play. It fits in because everybody is married to their phone nowadays and this multi device adventure enables you to stream together and share the fun. And because very few people download branded apps, we’ve made it totally web-based.

Kim Nieuwenhuijs-Griffioen (below) is ECD of Code D’Azur in Amsterdam.


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  1. Hey Kim…
    A word of advice, when you are asked to show what you consider the best ads of 2016 on MAA. Don’t pimp your own shit. That is self serving and somewhat embarrassing. If it’s really that good, someone else will point it out. If isn’t… They wont.

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