Now Sony takes corporate route in new Wieden+Kennedy ‘Join Together’ campaign

It’s the year of the corporate ad, with noteworthy efforts from Coke and Apple so far (whatever you think about them).

Now Sony has joined the game with a new campaign from Wieden+Kennedy HQ called ‘Join Together’ with the tagline ‘Be Moved.’

Here’s the setting-the-scene one:

And this is a bit more W+K, for Sony’s 3-D Viewer.

Hmm. Sony has issues of course, it makes terrific products but it doesn’t seem to be able to make money across the piece. Will reminding the world’s tech fans (this surely isn’t aimed at consumers of Sony music or films) that bringing an artist and an engineer together makes three help to solve this conundrum?

It’s bang on strategy of course – as these corporate ads are, that’s their point – but do consumers buy strategies? Sadly, in many of Sony’s markets, they tend to buy cheaper.

One Comment

  1. The furniture ad isn’t bad (at least it contains an insight) but the corporate jobbie is just more bland idea-free twaddle. And one and half minutes! Why do these ads always take so long to say so little? Somebody stop them please!!

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