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Toyota tweaks the tear ducts with Father’s Day epic

It’s Father’s Day on Sunday and this event (presumably designed to sell more Hallmark cards or something) seems to have caught on all over the world. Here’s a tear-inducing epic from Toyota, ‘Loving Eyes,’ designed to promote Toyota Safety Sense. ...

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Droga5 launches Toyota ‘Fueled by Bullsh*t

You might have guessed that the first ad to be ‘fueled by bullsh*t’ (rather coy actually) would come from Droga5 in New York. Actually the Toyota Mirai is the vehicle for the aforementioned cow manure, seemingly a viable alternative to ...

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Dazzling new Toyota ad puts some vroom into hybrids

There can’t be a more boring car on earth than the Toyota Prius although the hybrid pioneer has sold by the bucket load. Toyota has other hybrids too – equally un-thrilling – so it’s an obvious idea to make a ...

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Simon Francis: the right road to reach world car buyers

Simon Francis, CEO of integrated marketing consultancy Flock Associates, reveals the best marketing channels to reach car buyers in an increasingly competitive world car market.    The automotive category spent about $3.6billion on advertising in the US across the period ...

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Prius drives Toyota to ‘Global Green Brand’ top spot

Brand consultancy Interbrand has produced its third annual list of Best Global Green Brands and Toyota tops it again, chiefly it seems because of the success of the Prius hybrid (2.9m world sales, 1.2m in the US). These computations are ...

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Saatchi scores at Super Bowl with Tide and Rav4

Maybe this Super Bowl ads business is getting out of hand: zillions spent this year but not too many winners according to most of the pundits. The trouble is: the more the cost goes up and the scrutiny increases, the ...

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