Toyota and Droga5 land grab Back to the Future

In the seminal 1989 film Back to the Future the future is October 21, 2015 so lots of advertisers have been rowing in on it this week.

Toyota and agency Droga5 have zonked the lot of them with this film for Toyota’s Mirai, powered by fuel cell technology, as in the film’s famous DeLorean. And D5 has reunited the film’s stars Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd (the inventor) for the purpose.

Long form online films are great for cars and this is among the best produced so far.

Does the star line-up show the benefits of D5’s tie-up with 49 per cent owner William Morris Entertainment, itself backed by Silicon Valley outfit Silver Lake?

Presumably, and that no doubt helped D5 muscle in on Toyota, a long-standing client of Saatchi & Saatchi LA in the US.

It would take an iron-disciplined CMO to resist the opportunity to have real stars helping the cause. A formidable weapon in the D5 armoury, one it’s also brandished recently for Under Armour.

MAA creative scale: 8.

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