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Deutsch New York lures digital wizard Rey Peralta from Mother

Deutsch New York has hired Rey Peralta from Mother as its new director of creative technology. Peralta has been director of creative technology at Mother since 2009. While there he worked on several digital projects including the launch of the ...

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Paul Simons picks his Desert Island Ads

The influences that began to shape my thinking started in university days with TV programmes such as Monty Python. New ideas were slowly creeping out and the migration to advertising didn’t take long. It was a period when the creative ...

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Beyonce, and us, are better off without Pepsi

Beyonce has signed up with Pepsi, part of its answer to Coca-Cola’s attempt to take over the music business. She’ll be the centrepiece of its Super Bowl extravaganza and, no doubt, ‘brand ambassador’ all over the place. Well fifty million ...

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