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Diet Coke showed how (not) to use the great Chuck Berry

Was trying to find an ad with the late great Chuck Berry (one of the inventors of rock’n roll) in it. This is all I could come up with – for Diet Coke. ‘Strewth, what a waste. The agency should ...

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AMV/BBDO brings back Seventies-style jingles for Lotto

Is it just us or is UK advertising going all a bit Allen Brady & Marsh? For those of you who weren’t taking an interest in these matters in the 1970s and’80s,  ABM was a briefly successful agency set up ...

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New Inferno NSPCC TV campaign takes soft approach to transmit hard message

The UK isn’t a very charitable place at the moment with potential donors’ incomes under pressure and wide-ranging benefit cuts leading some politicians to describe life under the Coalition Government as a ‘brutal’ rather than ‘big’ society (the latter being ...

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Beyonce, and us, are better off without Pepsi

Beyonce has signed up with Pepsi, part of its answer to Coca-Cola’s attempt to take over the music business. She’ll be the centrepiece of its Super Bowl extravaganza and, no doubt, ‘brand ambassador’ all over the place. Well fifty million ...

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It’s all over for marketing Saatchi boss Kevin Roberts tells MIDEM delegates

Gosh this is a bit worrying, coming from one of adland’s foremost optimists Kevin Roberts, worldwide boss of Saatchi & Saatchi and inventor of ‘Lovemarks.’ But fear not, Kevin thinks we’re moving into a new stage, away from ‘interruption’ to ...

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Euro RSCG makes sweet music for Durex – eventually

After years of trying not to, condom ads are getting raunchier and Durex’s new line from Euro RSCG is ‘Love Sex.’ But how do you make the point without showing the act or yet another couple coming rapidly to simmering ...

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