AMV/BBDO brings back Seventies-style jingles for Lotto

Is it just us or is UK advertising going all a bit Allen Brady & Marsh?

For those of you who weren’t taking an interest in these matters in the 1970s and’80s,  ABM was a briefly successful agency set up by former actor Peter Marsh, jingles king Rod Allen and Mike Brady, the sensible one.

In those days many agencies were stuffed with refugees from showbiz and ABM won a load of accounts with its populist offerings, most notoriously (now) the odious Jimmy Savile fronting ‘The Age of the Train’ for British Rail.

At least the creepy old bastard wasn’t wearing his shell suit. Anyway this gung-ho stuff seemed to work and Rod Allen’s jolly jingles were at the heart of it.

Now we even have the mighty AMV/BBDO giving this approach a wash and brush-up in its new campaign for the National Lottery’s new Lotto game (above), using a tune from long-forgotten ’70s minstrel Gilbert O’Sullivan.

David Ogilvy once famously wrote that the consumer isn’t a moron, she’s your wife. Rather sexist of course, but you get the point. Are we all being treated like morons now?

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