New Inferno NSPCC TV campaign takes soft approach to transmit hard message

The UK isn’t a very charitable place at the moment with potential donors’ incomes under pressure and wide-ranging benefit cuts leading some politicians to describe life under the Coalition Government as a ‘brutal’ rather than ‘big’ society (the latter being PM David Cameron’s one-time big idea, now despatched into the long grass).

And you can see some of the desperation in a lot of charity TV ads; harrowing images plus pleas for money that make you flip channels after a degree of exposure.

The National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC) and its agency Inferno have clearly taken this on board in its new campaign, ‘Amy,’ directed by Yann Demange for Stink with music by Brian Eno.

Inferno ECD Al Young says: “‘Amy’s gentle aesthetic breaks from the shocking images we are used to viewing in charitable advertising. This soft treatment emphasises the hard message.”

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