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McDonald’s UK hymns ‘invisible’ night workers

Burger King wins most of the ad plaudits these days for its various turns on guerilla marketing but good old McDonald’s sticks to its last – at least in the UK where it emerged as the second biggest traditional advertiser ...

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Burger King makes Big Macs disappear

Burger King has become the king of guerrilla marketing and UK agency BBH has unveiled its own little trick at the expense of long-time market leader McDonald’s by concealing a (not so) Big Mac behind each Burger King Whopper image ...

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McDonald’s chief Easterbrook fired after affair

Just when you thought everything in the garden was rosy – McDonald’s has fired its British-born CEO Steve Easterbrook, who’s overseen a doubling in its share price since taking the top job in 2015, over a “consensual relationship” with an ...

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