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Zuckerberg may face challenge as Facebook goes ex-growth

Has Wall Street fallen out of love with Facebook? The social media behemoth’s shares fell 20 per cent yesterday, not so much because it narrowly missed its quarterly earnings target of $13.3bn (posting $13.2bn) or that user numbers slipped back ...

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Now Google tries fortune telling for French bosses

We all make our pact with Google, whether we want to or not, and here’s old Big Data trying to seduce corporate big shots into the Google Cloud (and away from Amazon’s) – by predicting their future. It’s an interesting ...

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Zuckerberg begins Facebook’s case for the defence

Here are some supposed highlights from Faceboook founder Mark Zuckerberg’s first day of testimony before the US Congress following the Cambridge Analytica data mis-use revelations (87m users had their information hacked). Not much new here from a contrite Zuckerberg although ...

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Media is the elephant in the living room in l’affaire Sorrell

The Times reckons that internal candidates to succeed Sir Martin Sorrell as CEO of WPP are being interviewed by the board, a board which some reckon contains one or more directors who want rid of the WPP founder. Sorrell (below) ...

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