Google’s tear-jerker could be big Super Bowl winner

Google has wheeled out what may be the big winner at the Super Bowl, the real-life story of an 85 year old man summoning up memories of departed Loretta thanks to Google Assistant.

Made in-house, in part by a relative of the man in the ad.

What’s all this? Google going human?

Could have been awful but it isn’t. Maybe we need those damn Assistants after all.

MAA creative scale: 8.5.


  1. Here’s what I just posted on AdScam… I must say, because of my recent loss of Maureen, I was bowled over by the spot Google will be airing during the upcoming Super Bowl. Titled “Loretta,” it literally brought tears to my eyes with its wonderfully sympathetic and tender evocation of the recent loss of someone you have loved for many years and whose memory is now the most treasured part of your life. The spot is beautifully done, and co-incidentally a wonderful demonstration of Google’s AI-powered smart speaker search capabilities. Best of all, it was done in-house by Google Creative Lab. No BDA’s or BDHC’s were involved. Sincerest congratulations, Guys.

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