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Google boost its brand – in face of growing hostility – with ‘Here to help’

Whatever you say about Google – and a lot’s been said recently, not always to its advantage – it’s inescapably useful.

So now the tech giant, under fire from all sides seemingly, is going back to basics with its first brand campaign for agencies: ‘Here to help.”

Apparently Google has discovered that when it says, for example, “Maps by Google” rather than Google Maps click-throughs go up so this is not just altruism. The brand helps to sell.

A brand has much more work to do, of course, when it represents a mega-corporation that makes unconscionable amounts of money, in part by establishing monopolies or near monopolies. Keeps its vassals on the hook by constantly changing its algorithms and has a hearty dislike of paying tax.

Google is also fire, of course, from numerous legislators and would-be law enforcers in the US, to add to such problems elsewhere like the EU.

‘Here to help’ has a lot to do then. But it’s a decent start.

MAA creative scale: 7.

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