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Tito Ribeiro: seven key digital trends for 2021

This pings in from Brazil’s Tiago ‘Tito’ Ribeiro who seems to have worked at many big digital agencies and others in the online world, working on behalf of a number of big brands. Here are his seven digital trends for ...

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Apple, Google underline power with end-of-year ad blitz

Tech companies have never been closer to taking over the commercial/social world (some might say they have done already) but also never been under such fire from legislators, especially in the US. Goodness knows much the likes of Apple and ...

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Has Google shown data-driven creativity actually exists?

Something is definitely stirring in Google’s Moutain View ad department: Google had by far the best Super Bowl ad with Loretta and now it’s doing the business for Black History Month in the US, niftily assembling some key moments in ...

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Google hits a YouTube winner – but does it mean anything?

This ad from Google promoting its search – still the cornerstone of the ever-expanding Alphabet empire – has had a staggering 94 million YouTube views. YouTube is owned by Google, of course, so hope they haven’t been giving it a ...

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