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UK Ad Association wades into deep waters of AI

The UK’s Advertising Association is pretty good at latching on to the issues of the day and it’s doing its best to look on the bright side of AI with a new UK Advertising Industry AI Taskforce.

Among its aims is to work with the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) to ensure the use of AI in advertising campaigns is transparent and legal, decent, honest, and truthful.

The Taskforce will be co-chaired by two member organisations of the Advertising Association and its Front Foot network, Google with advertising industry relations manager, EMEA, Yves Schwarzbart and agency VCCP with managing partner and head of social innovation Alex Dalman.

Google’s Schwarzbart says: “With AI being the most profound technology shift that humanity is working on today, it is only right for the UK advertising industry to consider how we can be bold, yet responsible, in the way we harness the potential of AI. I am grateful to the Advertising Association for the opportunity to co-chair this important workstream together with Alex, and I look forward to helping play my part in finding the industry’s collective voice on AI and driving these discussions forward.”

The Taskforce will convene for a minimum twelve months, with plans to meet quarterly.

Trying to shape AI, a cowboy’s delight, is a bit like herding cats. But the AA, working with the ASA which is becoming more proactive, has to have a go.

Good to see Google on the side of the angels (we think..)

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