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Engine wins complete E.ON digital account

German-owned energy giant E.ON has appointed Engine, the holding company that owns WCRS and Jam among others, to handle its digital account. Making an energy company in the UK popular these days isn’t the easiest of tasks but E.ON claims ...

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The big message from Mythbuster Adam Savage at SXSW: don’t be afraid to fail (a few times anyway)

The sessions at SXSW usually fall into one of two camps. They’re either incredibly informative or incredibly inspirational. The informative ones usually introduce a new piece of software, or revolutionary hardware. The inspirational ones are more about invigorating the next ...

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UK’s Engine wins pan-European creative CREAM project

UK marcoms company Engine is building up quite a public sector business; it’s already one of the UK government’s favoured agencies and now it has been appointed by the European Commission to co-ordinate a study into stimulating creativity. As part ...

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