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Ogilvy gets its knickers in a twist for Kazam

It’s not unusual for agencies to get their knickers in a twist when it comes to sexy ads but it’s still a surprise to see this emerging from the old ‘Ministry of Advertising’ Ogilvy & Mather. It’s for the Kazam ...

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Alexandria’s too hot for the nation’s heart rate

This ad featuring one Alexandria Morgan has apparently been banned (by whom and from what we know not). It’s for the Tom Tom Runner Cardio (another one of those) and has proved very popular on YouTube with over 500,000 hits ...

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Eva Green poster is banned for being too much Eva

You’re never alone with George Parker’s Adscam and George today notes that a poster for a new film, Sin City – A Dame To Kill For, based on a Frank Miller comic book, has been banned by the Motion Picture ...

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Paddy Power wins bad taste handicap with Oscar stunt

What is it about (some of) the Irish? As the world wearies of noted Irish joker Michael O’Leary of Ryanair, his war on passengers and penchant for unfunny ads and stunts, Irish bookie Paddy Power has succeeded in outraging over ...

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Revealing Ashley can’t bend the rules like Beckham

Never heard of a brand? Make an ad and get it banned. Hardly ever fails and this one for Buffalo Jeans by David Bitton starring Brazilian bombshell (it says here) Ashley Skye was banned from the Super Bowl and much ...

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American Apparel in trouble over sexy thigh-highs

American Apparel’s in trouble again with the UK’s ad regulatory body the ASA, this time for ‘overtly sexual’ images on its website. To its great delight, no doubt. These are deemed to be ‘voyeuristc’ and to ‘objectify women,’ among other ...

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