Ogilvy gets its knickers in a twist for Kazam

It’s not unusual for agencies to get their knickers in a twist when it comes to sexy ads but it’s still a surprise to see this emerging from the old ‘Ministry of Advertising’ Ogilvy & Mather.

It’s for the Kazam Tornado 348 budget smartphone – the world’s slimmest, it claims – and features, well, knickers. And a phone near the end (extracted from a breast pocket rather than, well, you know..).

The UK’s Advertising Standards Authority has banned it ‘cos it’s “overtly sexual.” Ad clearance company Clearcast didn’t because even though they realised it was sexual it wasn’t “gratuitously so.” They’re pretty sharp down at Clearcast.

Just bizarre. Was it dreamed up by two lads on placement, down the pub? Maybe those Aussies who want to “change the conversation” about sex in advertising at Cannes this year are on to something.

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