UK advertisers fret about spending cuts, higher taxes

They seem to be anyway as the IPA’s latest survey into advertiser intentions shows that 22 per cent of those surveyed cut their budgets in the last quarter of 2010 against 17 per cent that increased them. The IPA represents ...

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Bunga bunga legal charges may call time on Italian premier Silvio Berlusconi and his media empire

Some more details have emerged about Italian media magnate and prime minister (mustn’t forget that) Silvio Berlusconi and his antics in the so-called bunga bunga scandal. Milan prosecutors want to charge him with paying for sex with nightclub dancer Karima ...

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Ofcom calls for Competition Commission scrutiny of News Corporation BSkyB bid

As we all thought it would, but what will in-the-doghouse Vince Cable’s replacement on the media front, culture secretary Jeremy Hunt, decide to do? Insiders say he’d like to wave it through, Rupert Murdoch opponents say this would be outrageous. ...

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