Anti-Trump ads storm Super Bowl

A while ago JWT produced a report a report saying that people were swayed by brands in their political choices. We thought this was a bit over the top but that’s before we’d seen some Super Bowl ads.

Budweiser has already entered the lists to some effect, hymning the contribution made by immigrants to the US (Adolphus Busch and his beer), an effort that pre-dated Donald Trump’s ever-more controversial immigration policy (he’s agin’ it).

Airbnb, which is one of a number of tech companies challenging the policy, produced this last minute job essentially saying it’s on everyone’s side.

While construction company 84 Lumber went the whole hog with this epic showing the hoops people go through to enter the US, legally. This is the full, nearly six minute version but a minute an a half was broadcast during the Bowl. Makes you think (probably won’t make Donald think but there you go).

In recent years we’ve had “advertising for good,” which these are to an extent but “advertising for politics”? Makes you a touch uneasy but Trump himself is a media creation: if it hadn’t been for the US version of The Apprentice he would probably never have run. So it’s really the BBC’s fault…

Trump is also a comic creation, if you aren’t on the receiving end. As It’s A 10 Hair Care neatly demonstrated.

We knew 2017 was going to be the year of the Donald; looks like it might be in adland too.

PS Need more Super Bowl ads? The Guardian’s got the most interesting ones here.

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