Krow tries to make sense of the NHS in Labour debut

Indie London agency Krow bravely took on Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party as a client recently and here’s its first effort, hymning the glorious National Health Service and its better prospects under Corbyn/Labour than the Tory’s Jeremy Hunt (or should that be..).

I think it was former Tory chancellor Nigel Lawson who described the NHS as a “religion.”

The NHS was, indeed, a great achievement of the post-war Labour government, shoehorned through by Nye Bevan against the wishes of the greedy and selfish medical establishment – at least some things remain the same.

Now though it’s a completely unaffordable blutocracy that costs far too much and doesn’t work. Some things just get too big to manage, finance and support. And the NHS, the biggest employer in Western Europe, is out of control.

Well-off people should pay for it and Friday night drunks should be charged at A&E. It’s stuffed to the gills with useless managers brought in by the Blair government at vast expense and senior medics who ignore the managers to protect their own turf. Screw the patients.

So what has Krow, a lively and sensible agency made of it all?

The best of a bad job, I think. You’re not going to solve the NHS’ problems just by chucking money at it – as this ad suggests. The NHS needs to be broken up into manageable, ideally self-supporting units.

But Krow doesn’t make policy and this ad won’t do it any harm.

MAA creative scale: 6.5.

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