Free pussy – but there’s a (Russian) catch

Which is that this film from Amnesty International and Cossette Montreal is actually making the case for Russian girl band Pussy Riot who had the effrontery to challenge Russian premier Vladimir Putin – and were consigned to the nick for ...

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AMV’s new campaign for Total shows Greek upside

AMV/BBDO in the UK has won the Total Greek Yoghurt business and it’s produced a kind of homage to Hovis in this film plugging Total’s heritage – in production since 1926. Greek yoghurt seems to be taking the world by ...

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Canada’s Cossette tries to sharpen up charity Amnesty International

Agencies tend to do good work for charities and (let’s be polite) less good work for businesses – while they should be capable of doing equally good work for both. But charities are big clients these days (media agencies love ...

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