Sainsbury’s goes greener with ‘Helping Everyone Eat Better’

Sainsbury’s is pensioning off (or ‘retiring’ as we say these days) ‘Live Well for Less’ and replacing it with ‘Helping Everyone Eat Better,’ part of a package aimed at boosting its green credentials.

It’s amazing how climate change and all the rest of it has leaped to the top of everyone’s agenda since David Attenborough entered the fray, telling us that the end is nigh unless we do something. It’s taken over from Covid-19 as the thing everyone is worried about.

Sainsbury’s has been named as the Supermarket Partner for the much-anticipated COP26 climate summit in Glasgow in November, an event that looks to have a much better change of useful agreement now that Joe Biden has taken over from Donald Trump.

As for Sainsbury’s, at least now it looks like it has an idea. Under former CEO Mike Coupe it seemed more interested in deals – buying Argos, failing to merge with Asda – than improving its performance as a retailer. Once the benchmark for middle class groceries, it has lost ground at the top end to M&S and Waitrose and Tesco in volume. It’s currently trying to price match Aldi.

New CEO Simon Roberts came from Boots, which didn’t fill you with confidence as Boots’ recent UK performance has hardly been sparkling. But Roberts at least seems to have realised that Sainsbury’s needs to stand for something.

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